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Starcraft 2: Legacy of The Void
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Section 1 - Personal Information

This information will help us get to know you better and determine where you fit in to the overall picture of our organization. All-Inspiration does not discriminate against applicants based on sex, gender, nationality, or religion.
What is your name? *

If you would prefer your real-life identity to remain anonymous, please contact a member of the All-Inspiration management team for assistance.
What is your gender? *

Your answer helps us understand how to refer to you in official correspondence and is not used when considering your eligibility for joining the team.

What is your age? *

For legal reasons, All-Inspiration does not currently accept applicants under 13 years of age.
Where are you located? *

All-Inspiration is primarily a North American team, however we welcome players from all regions to join, practice, and improve with us.
Section 2 - Communication Information

This information will help us determine how to get in touch with you.
What is your email address? *

An All-Inspiration Recruitment Manager may contact you about the status of your application via email. Please ensure your have entered your email address correctly.
What is your Skype username? *

All-Inspiration currently uses a non-standard internal chat system for inter-team communications, but a Recruitment Manager may wish to speak with you one-on-one for an brief interview prior to your application's approval via Skype. If you do not currently use Skype, we kindly request that you register an account at
Section 3 - Starcraft 2 Information

These questions specifically pertain to your in-game presence and skill level.
What is your in-game name? Please note if this is a server other than NA. *

Example: TechFour
What is your BattleTag? Please note if this is a server other than NA. *

Example: TechFour#1193
What is the link to the profile of your primary account? *

What is your primary race? *

What League are you currently placed in? *

Are you currently affiliated with any other teams or clans? *

While we do not explicitly prohibit our members from "dual-clanning," we strongly prefer our members to have membership in only one organization at a time to avoid conflicts of interest. Other team/clan affiliations in a player's native, non-NA region are generally acceptable. If you are leaving another team/clan to join All-Inspiration please specify which, here. Please be aware that deliberately falsifying information on your application is grounds for immediate suspension.
How long have you been playing StarCraft 2? *

On average, how many ranked 1v1 ladder games do you typically play during a single season? *

Section 4 - Future Goals

These questions help us understand what you hope to get out of being a part of All-Inspiration.
What are your goals in StarCraft? *

What is your greatest strength as a StarCraft player? The area most in need of improvement? *

What do you hope to get out of your involvement with All-Inspiration? *

What role(s) do you see yourself best suited for within our team? *

Your answer helps us determine how we can help you get the most out of your time with us.

Are you interested in participating in team based tournaments like Chobo Team League? *

Do you have any special skills or qualities (either in or outside of the game) that could benefit the team in any way?

Section 5 - Finalizing Your Application

These last few questions are designed to get the last pieces of information we need from you.
How did you hear about our Team? Did any existing members refer you to us? *

During recruitment drives people who successful recruit new players can earn awards and prizes. Please put their name here.
Do you pledge to be a mature and friendly member of All-Inspiration? *

This includes but is not limited to:
Refraining from all "bad manner" in and out of games
Refraining from disrespectful comments, especially in regard to any protected status
Help other team members improve without making them feel insignificant

Thank you for applying. Is there anything else you'd like us to know? *

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